Windrush looks back

THURSDAY 1 JUNE 2023 | 7pm – 9pm

Sam King Windrush Awards

24 March – 30 April 2023. Winners will be announced June 2023.

Windrush Foundation Celebrates 25 Years of Heritage and Community Advocacy: 1995 – 2020

In 1995 Sam King and Arthur Torrington worked to establish a CHARITY …

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Windrush 70 Pioneers and Champions

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The Windrush Foundation 70 Years On

Windrush Foundation - Norma Best

Norma Best

In 1944, Britain appealed to her colonies for assistance and one of the smallest was British Honduras…

Windrush Foundation - Sam King

Sam King MBE

Harold was 18 years of age when war as declared in 1939. Hw was working at a foundry in British Guiana…

Windrush Foundation - Aurthur Curling

Arthur Curling

In 1944, when the British government advertised in Jamaica for volunteers for the Royal Air Force against…

Windrush Foundation - Cy Grant

Cy Grant

Cy was born in British Guiana (Now Guyana), and was 22 years of age in 1941 when he volunteered to…


Windrush Foundation and Ben TV have partnered up to produce interviews that will give you more info about the people and time of Windrush.


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Community Champions

Sam King

I was born in Portland, Jamaica in 1926, and worked with my father on the family farm with every intention of eventually …

Harry Cumberbatch

In 1964 I was recruited in Barbados by London Transport to work on the buses, after some preparation I arrived at …

Sybil Phoenix

I am a woman of faith, and a Christian who believes strongly in ‘service’ to others; it has been a normal practice during …

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Quotes from the community

"It is crucially important we remember this generation of pioneers as we are all standing on their shoulders"

Sonia Brown

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