Making Freedom Exhibition

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An Exhibition marking the full emancipation of nearly a million Africans in the Caribbean.

“Slavery is no more than a state of war between a conqueror with absolute power and the conquered…” John Locke: 1632-1704

Windrush Foundation introduced the Making Freedom exhibition to mark the 175th anniversary of full Emancipation in the Caribbean. It was on August 1st 1838 that nearly a million Africna in British colonies won their liberty, having been enslaved for all or most of the lives.

From Emancipation Day, African women re-created the family unit which had been undermined by enslavers during the previous two hundred years. The text and images summarised the major events that lead to Emancipation, and raise awareness about those who contributed to ending enforced servitude. The road to freedom was arduous and bloody; tens of thousands of Africans were killed in their efforts to liberate themselves.

Emancipation was the beginning of a long and laborious journey towards the realisation of the right to self determination. For this reason the exhibition concludes with a selection of post-emancipation stories celebrating acts of courage and resilience which have laid the foundation for the freedom many of us enjoy today.


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