LESE Race Relations Committee: Celebrate the Windrush Generation

The LESE Race Relations Committee invite you to join them celebrate the Windrush generation and remember the suffering that the Windrush scandal has caused.

It is time for a change, in attitude, how people are perceived. The Windrush generation and their families did nothing wrong and do not deserve the treatment experienced.

Guest Speakers include:

• Betty Joseph, Chair, LESE Race Relations Committee and NEU
• Arthur Torrington, Windrush Foundation
• Nairobi Thompson, Writer and Poet
• Patrick Vernon, Social commentator and political activist
• Peggy-Ann Fraser, Prospect/BECTU
• Scratchylus, Musician who promotes consciousness and edutainment
• Zita Holbourne, Co-founder of Black Activist Rising Against Cuts


TUC Congress House
23-28 Great Russell Street


020 7467 1220 



Wednesday 26 June 2019
18:00 to 20:30


FREE (Registration essential)
020 7467 1220

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