Oh yes, I have four brothers and four sisters. They all came to England after I came back on the Empire Windrush, and by the grace of God we encouraged them to learn something. One of my sisters, Una Joyce King, I took her to St Giles Hospital when she was eighteen to ask for her to be trained as a nurse.

The matron took one look at her, she was black, and said they are very sorry there are no vacancy. Of course I had the ad in my hand from the newspaper. But God is good, eighteen years ago, eighteen years after, she went back to the same hospital, because there was a position of for the matron of the hospital, and she became the matron of St Giles hospital.

Thirty, forty years ago is different from today, because we have laws relating to ethnic minority rights and et cetera et cetera. In those days you have the Minister for the colonies and when you complain to them they say that British people have a right to say and do what they want. But we did warn them unless you have justice things would not work.

Sad to say, some of the youngsters did burn an odd city or two.